Please make note of your Kit Number and your Payroll Location Code. You will be required to enter this number to proceed with the online enrollment process.

Kit Number: 163597
Location Code: Choose from a corresponding Payroll Location Code below:

KBOR Office 0001
KU Med Center 1001
Kansas State University 1002
Emporia State University 1003
Pittsburg State University 1004
Wichita State University 1005
Ft. Hays State University 1006
University of Kansas 1008

Enrollment Process: Once the enrollment process is complete, you will have the chance to review and confirm your entries before submitting your enrollment information. Written confirmation of your enrollment will be mailed to your address on file. The confirmation will include a default Personal Identification Number (PIN). We recommend that you change your PIN once you receive this confirmation.

Payroll Authorization and Beneficiary Designation: In addition, to completing the online enrollment process, your employer may require that you complete a participation agreement form and/or beneficiary designation form.

IMPORTANT! You will not be enrolled until you complete all of the information required and click on the “Submit Enrollment” button at the end of this enrollment.

Please call 1-888-311-9487 if you need assistance completing your Online Enrollment.

To begin the enrollment process, please choose which plan you would like to enroll in and click on the appropriate “Login” button below:

Please Note! You must enroll in each plan separately. After enrolling in one plan, you must return and complete these same steps and enroll in the second plan.