Participant Consent To Online Delivery And Certification

  • I agree that ING delivered these documents to me through this online enrollment process whether or not I clicked on the links and accessed the documents.
  • I understand that consenting to online delivery pertains exclusively to this one-time, online delivery of disclosure materials for the enrollment process only.
  • I understand that in order to view certain documents online I must have the ability to download PDF files using Adobe Acrobat and have a computer and printer or other device to download, print and save any documents I wish to keep. (To download the Adobe Reader to view PDF files, Click on the (Adobe Logo on the bottom of the page)
  • I have reviewed and understand these documents.
  • I understand that I can request to receive paper copies of these documents at any time by contacting my local ING Representative, free of charge at the phone numbers listed above.
  • If I don't consent to online delivery I can have paper copies and an enrollment form sent to me for completion.
  • I have reviewed and understand these documents. I understand that all payments and values when based on investment experience of the Separate Account or Mutual Funds are variable and are not guaranteed as to fixed dollar amount.
  • My enrollment will not be completed until I click on "I Agree" and "Complete Enrollment" in the forthcoming enrollment screens.
  • By enrolling through Online Enrollment, my electronic instructions will be deemed to have the same effect as if I had submitted my election instructions in writing. I understand that all account information and transactions are subject to the terms of my employer's plan.
  • I understand that completion of these website screens establishes an account with ING. I further understand that KBOR will transfer my assets, and direct future contributions, into the account with ING on my behalf.
  • I understand that once my account is set up, I can reallocate my investment elections, and after the transfer is complete I can transfer my assets to any of the investment options offered to me through the plan, subject to plan rules and ING's Excessive Trading Policy.
  • I understand that I will receive an enrollment confirm once the ING account is established, and a transaction confirmation report once my assets have been transferred to the account.
  Once I click on "I Agree", I understand that I will proceed to the online enrollment screens, and I will no longer have electronic access to these documents unless I download or print them from my computer. By clicking "I Agree", you will continue with the online enrollment process. Your enrollment is not complete until you click on "Complete Enrollment" on the "Participant Certification" in the following website screens. If you select "I Disagree", you will not be able to continue with the online enrollment process. To end the enrollment process entirely, click on "I Disagree".