Enrollment Step 3

Please make note of your Kit Number and your Payroll Location Code. You will be required to enter this number to proceed with the online enrollment process.

Kit Number: 163597
Location Code: Choose from a corresponding Payroll Location Code below:

KBOR Office 0001
KU Med Center 1001
Kansas State University 1002
Emporia State University 1003
Pittsburg State University 1004
Wichita State University 1005
Ft. Hays State University 1006
University of Kansas 1008

Enrollment Process: Once the enrollment process is complete, you will have the chance to review and confirm your entries before submitting your enrollment information. Written confirmation of your enrollment will be mailed to your address on file. The confirmation will include a default Personal Identification Number (PIN). We recommend that you change your PIN once you receive this confirmation.

Payroll Authorization and Beneficiary Designation: In addition, to completing the online enrollment process, your employer may require that you complete a participation agreement form and/or beneficiary designation form.

IMPORTANT! You will not be enrolled until you complete all of the information required and click on the “Submit Enrollment” button at the end of this enrollment.

Please call 1-888-311-9487 if you need assistance completing your Online Enrollment.

To begin the enrollment process, please choose which plan you would like to enroll in and click on the appropriate “Login” button below:

Please Note! You must enroll in each plan separately. After enrolling in one plan, you must return and complete these same steps and enroll in the second plan.

Enrollment Details

We’re here to help! Enrolling in the plan is simple, but investing for your life goals requires you to be informed. To help guide you through the enrollment process, please contact a representative.

Before Enrolling in the plan, you should:

  • Understand the plan features
  • Review the Investment Options offered
  • Understand the Investment Option Performance

To enroll in the Tennessee ORP from Voya, complete the following steps:

Complete State of Tennessee Optional Retirement Plan Premium Distribution Specification Form. You must sign the form and return it to your college or university within the specified time frame.

Choose Voya as your Provider.
Make an appointment with your local representative to complete the Voya enrollment process by contacting our Voya Regional Office at (866) 776-6704.

You should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the investment options offered through a retirement plan carefully before investing. Fund prospectuses and an information booklet containing this and other information can be obtained by contacting your local representative. Please read all information carefully before investing.

Once you schedule an appointment with your representative, you can begin to:

  • Develop an asset allocation model to illustrate your investment and retirement objectives
  • Select the investment options that will help you pursue your objectives
  • Designate a beneficiary for your plan benefits


Mutual funds under a 401(a) trust agreement are intended as long-term investments designed for retirement purposes. Mutual fund values fluctuate with market conditions, and when surrendered, the principal may be worth more or less than the original amount invested. The Plan's Stable Value Option invests in the Voya Stable Value Fund, which is a collective investment trust maintained by Wilmington Trust Company. The Plan's Stable Value Option is backed by a group annuity contract issued by Voya Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company ("VRIAC"), which guarantees that the return on the Plan's Stable Value Option will not be less than 0%. The net crediting rate is declared quarterly. The initial net crediting rate will be determined based on market conditions within 30 days of the contract funding date. Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of Voya Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company. The Plan's Stable Value Option, the Voya Stable Value Fund and the VRIAC group annuity contract are not registered investment companies and are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Although it is possible to have guaranteed income for life with a fixed/variable annuity, there is no assurance that this income will keep up with inflation. Early withdrawals taken prior to age 59 ½ are subject to an IRS 10% premature distribution penalty tax unless an exception applies. Money distributed will be taxed as ordinary income in the year the money is distributed. An annuity does not provide any additional tax benefit, as tax deferral is provided by the Plan. Annuities may be subject to additional fees and expenses, to which other tax-deferred funding vehicles may not be subject. However, an annuity does offer other features and benefits, such as lifetime income payments and death benefits, which may be valuable to you.

Neither Voya nor its affiliated companies or representatives provide tax or legal advice. Please consult a tax adviser or attorney before making a tax-related investment/insurance decision.

Contact Information

We’re here to help. Contact your representative with any questions you have about your plan.

Your Campus Representative

To make an appointment with the Voya® representative* assigned to your campus, please contact 866-776-6704.

Regional Tennessee Office

Voya Financial Advisors, Inc.. (member SIPC)
214 2nd Ave North, Suite 2
Nashville, TN 37201
Telephone: 866-776-6704

Customer Service

Customer Service is available to assist you between Monday through Friday, 7 am and 8 pm CT, by calling (800) 584-6001.

Email your inquiries, comments, or suggestions to ParticipantService@voya.com.

Investment adviser representative and registered representative of, and securities and investment advisory services offered through, Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. (member SIPC).

Enrollment Step 1

Plan Information

The following plan information is intended as a brief summary of the online enrollment process should you wish to enroll in the plan.

Disclosure Documents

Before enrolling, please make sure you have reviewed the following documents online or in hard copy. Then read the certification and click on the appropriate button in the consent section. If you have not previously reviewed the documents or need to see them again, you can access them by clicking the links below.

Want More Information Or Need Help?

If you would like an enrollment kit, which includes the same information displayed on this site, or if you would like to meet with a local representative to enroll, please view the contact information. If you would like a representative to contact you, either because you would like more information, or you would like help with the enrollment process you must click on "I Disagree" on the next screen, and your online enrollment will cease.


TennORP Plan Overview Article

Below are the important features about your plan. This website is intended to be a summary of the plan provisions.  In the event that a conflict exists between the information contained within this website and the plan document, the plan document provisions prevail. For more information, please contact your local representative.

The Tennessee Optional Retirement Program (ORP) is a defined contribution retirement plan offered to faculty and exempt employees of Tennessee's public colleges and universities as an alternative to the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) defined benefit pension plan. Once an eligible employee elects to participate in ORP, that decision is irrevocable with one exception. On a participant’s 5th anniversary, he or she will receive a letter from the State asking if they wish to leave the ORP and buy into TCRS. After this period, the decision is irrevocable.

ORP contribution rates for new employees who begin employment on or after July 1, 2014:

  • Employer contribution will be 9% of compensation
  • Mandatory employee contribution will be 5% of compensation.

A 2% Employee auto-enroll contribution will also be made on behalf of all participants to the 401(k) plan for which a participant may change their contribution amount at any time.

Under the Plan, the maximum annual contribution amount is set by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines on a yearly basis. You may view the current limits here.


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